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Broken Tooth
Mason, OH

A woman smiling after having a broken tooth repaired at Fox Dental Excellence in Mason, OH.When a tooth breaks, it can be a traumatic experience that prompts a quick visit to our dentist to prevent further damage. Teeth usually break because of blunt force or forceful impacts, such as playing sports, car accidents, or dental complications like lost fillings or cavities. Regardless of the cause, scheduling a dental appointment is vital, and the severity of damage determines how soon the visit should be. Anyone can break their tooth, but the sooner you see our professional dental practitioner, the better the outcome may be for your treatment.

At Fox Dental Excellence, we have a dedicated team of dental experts that is ready to help you correct the problem, restoring your full oral function. There are different types of broken teeth, from a slight chip of the enamel to a complete break that exposes the entire pulp and dentin. The enamel is a tough exterior containing zero blood vessels or nerves, so there is no pain when chipped. On the other hand, the pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, and any exposure is painful and creates an entry point for bacteria. If your tooth breaks and you delay the visit to our dentist, then you are risking more damage like discoloration, pain, and sensitivity.

What You Need to Do

While there are precautions one can take to prevent the risk of breaking a tooth, some circumstances are unavoidable, and one needs to be aware of what needs to be done. A common mistake that most people make is eating the wrong food, making the problem worse. We recommend avoiding hard foods that can compromise the remaining tooth. It is also advisable to protect the edges of the remaining tooth with sugar-free chewing gum or dental wax to mitigate effects like gum damage and the subsequent soreness of the tongue and cheeks.

The first step when teeth break is to ensure all of the broken tooth pieces are gathered and thoroughly cleaned before storing them in a dry container. This prevents deterioration of the pieces and alleviates any bacteria that can compromise the hygiene and safety of the tooth pieces. If the remaining tooth has debris, it is vital to rinse it with warm water before visiting our dentist.

What Happens After

In case a tooth breaks because of an injury, a cold compress placed on the affected area goes a long way in ensuring you can help prevent swelling. Once all of the necessary emergency care has been done, the final step is to call our dentist’s office to book an appointment. Although most people tend to ignore professional help, if you see exposed pulp or red or yellow dentin, then you need to see a dentist as soon as possible.

There is no “one size fits all” approach for a broken tooth since treatment depends on the severity of the damage. If the pulp is damaged and infected, a root canal procedure may be recommended to prevent more damage. Our dental practitioner can wait to see if the nerves are dying, and a temporary crown will be placed over the affected tooth. In some cases, the tooth cannot be saved and must be extracted. We offer several replacement options, such as dental implants, to restore lost teeth.

About Us

We are a team of dental professionals with years of experience and expertise, offering and guaranteeing nothing but exceptional dental services to our valued patients. Please get in touch with us at Fox Dental Excellence and schedule an appointment today. You can find more information on our website or call us at (513) 398-3322.

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Broken Tooth - Dentist Mason, OH - Fox Dental Excellence
At Fox Dental Excellence, we have a dedicated team of dental experts that is ready to help you correct a broken tooth, restoring your full oral function. Call our experts today!
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