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Tooth Loss
Dentist Mason, OH

Ridge Augmentation

There are circumstances where the natural healing ability of the mouth falls short and intervention is necessary. A ridge augmentation can preserve the natural shape of a patient’s mouth while helping to keep the integrity of the jaw and the underlying bone. If you come see us at Fox Dental Excellence we can discuss all of the options available to you and determine if a ridge augmentation can help.

Ridge Augmentation Description

When patients have lost teeth whether through bad oral hygiene, trauma, or from a professional extraction procedure, a ridge augmentation can be performed to maintain the contours of their gumline and jawline to keep their natural appearance. If a ridge augmentation procedure is not done, it can completely alter the patient’s appearance.

Many times, when a tooth is extracted or lost, the remaining socket is able to heal without intervention. However, there are times when the bone surrounding the tooth fractures once the tooth is removed. While a single tooth socket in this condition might not create many problems, multiple teeth could. If the socket begins to deteriorate it can affect the surrounding teeth and the supportive bone and tissue structure.

In some cases, patients do not require the ridge augmentation for health reasons but rather for the sake of appearance. When there are a number of missing teeth, it can cause the cheeks and lips to sag inward, drastically changing the outward appearance. In order to place dental implants, strong supportive bone needs to be available. The ridge augmentation procedure can provide just that so the patient can experience dental implant placement and their outward appearance will remain normal with supportive structure beneath their lips and cheeks.

How Is a Ridge Augmentation Done?

Removing bone graft material from another part of the patient’s body is typically how a ridge augmentation procedure is done. The harvested material is then packed into the empty tooth socket. Whether it is done immediately following an extraction or sometime in the future, the procedure is the same. It should be noted however, if the augmentation is done long after the extraction, it is possible a second procedure may be necessary.

Once the grafting material is placed, we close the incision with sutures to ensure the bone graft tissue will not move. In some cases, in order to improve the new bone growth, our office may install a device to keep the teeth apart so the space is not invaded by encroaching teeth. After this area has had time to heal then the actual installation of the dental implants can begin. It is important the gum area is completely healed before proceeding.

Ridge augmentation provides both medical and aesthetic benefits. By improving the overall smoothness of the gumline, it makes it much easier to place implants and other appliances to maintain the patient’s appearance. Contact our offices at Fox Dental Excellence with any and all questions you may have regarding the ridge augmentation process. We would be glad to schedule an appointment for you. When you are ready, feel free to call us at (513) 398-3322 to discuss the available options and what this procedure entails.

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If you come see us at Fox Dental Excellence we can discuss all of the options available to you and determine if a ridge augmentation can help.
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